At The Dub Station (King Tubbys)

1981 2018
Есть в наличии
Есть в наличии
  • 2730₽

A1 Riot in Birmingham (Michael Prophet - Free Up Your Heart (Dub))

A2 Mask Execution in Angola (Michael Prophet - Man Of Experience (Dub))

A3 Blood In South Africa (Michael Prophet - Know The Right (Dub))

A4 Death To All Racist (Michael Prophet - Roots Man Time (Dub))

B1 Don't Rape The Black Daughter (Michael Prophet - Fight It To The Top (Dub))

B2 Rasta Conference (Michael Prophet - No Friend In This Time (Dub))

B3 Stop Opression Now (Wayne Wade - Willow Tree (Dub))

B4 Milinda (Patrick Andy - Every Tongue Shall Tell(Dub))

B5 Know Your Culture (Alric Forbes - Jah Know It's True (Dub))

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